This Amazing Flip Video Will Make Your Day!

Have you tried an acrobatic flip before? Maybe you’re not the sports type. Or maybe you are!

We came across this video on @earthpix and feel it is too good not to be shared. very short, but it’ll make your day!

In case you haven’t heard about acrobatic flips before or not a fan of Chinese/Korean action movies, check below the video for a brief description of acrobatic flips.


What are acrobatic flips?

An acrobatic flip is a sequence of body movements in which a person leaps into the air and then rotates one or more times while airborne. Acrobatic flips are performed in acro dance, free running, gymnastics, cheerleading, tricking (martial arts), goal celebrations and various other activities. This is in contrast to freestyle BMX flips, in which a person revolves in the air about a bicycle (Wikipedia)

What does acrobatic flips involve?

Acrobatic flips can be started from a stationary, standing position and they are also commonly executed immediately following another rotational move, such as a roundoff or handspring, so as to take advantage of the angular momentum developed in the preceding move. In general, the hands do not touch the floor during execution of a flip and performers typically strive to land on the feet in an upright position, but it is not required to be considered a flip. (Wikipedia)

Want to learn how to flip, below is a video we recommend you check out!

10 Flips Anyone Can Learn


Thank you for watching, do let us know how you feel in the comments!

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