Top 10 Most interesting Movies for animal lovers

Today, let’s talk about the most interesting pets movies! As an animal lover, I cannot think of any better way to end the weekend than by binge watching animal movies. So if you love animals and you love seeing them performing funny antics on your screen or seeing the love and loyalty between pets and their owners shown on your screen then sit back and enjoy cause this list is for you but be careful, there are a few spoilers ahead! We have added clips and full movie links so you can preview screens or view complete. Sit back, and enjoy!

1. Nine Lives (2016)


This movie is a personal favorite of mine. It tells the story of Tom, a rude and arrogant businessman who gets entrapped in the body of a cat. There is an abundance of feline cuteness in the movie which is bound to break your cute-o-meter. If you don’t like cats, you would fall in love with them after seeing this movie.

2. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

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A dog’s purpose tells the story of a dog who lives through four different lives and each time trying to find his purpose as a dog. The movie is a definite tearjerker and shows the loyalty of a dog to his owner. A sequel titled ‘A Dog’s Journey’ was released in 2019 and is just as good as the first film.

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

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Based on a true life story, the movie tells of the unbreakable bond between a professor and an abandoned dog he adopts. An inspiring and tear jerking movie, the movie is based on a 1987 Japanese film Hachiko Monogatari which in turn is based on a true life story.

4. Lady and the Tramp (2019)

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I did not see the actual 1955 animated film but I saw the 2019 remake and it was wonderful. The life of a pampered cocker spaniel changes when her owners have a baby and she meets another dog known as the Tramp from the wrong side of town. The movie has an overdose of cuteness and we see some cute dog love moments.

5. Beethoven (1992)

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Old but gold, Beethoven is about a St Bernard who receives love and care from his adopted family and how he in turn helps them to get through their problems in life while also trying to escape the evil family vet who wants to use him for his horrid experiments. There is no end to the funny antics in Beethoven and you would laugh your way through it. The movie also has four sequels so you can continue to enjoy some Beethoven action after the original movie.

6. The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

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The Secret Life of Pets has two of my favorite things; animation and animals. The movie is about Max, a Jack Russell Terrier who has to learn to share his owner after she adopts another dog, Duke. This movie has dogs, cats, a maniacal rabbit and a host of other animals which would translate into good viewing time. The Secret Life of Pets 2 was released in 2019 so you can check it out to know more about what your pets do when you are not home.

7. Marmaduke (2010)

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Marmaduke is the story of a troublesome but sweet Great Dane. Together with his best friend Carlos who is a cat they go on numerous adventures as Marmaduke tries to impress the dogs at the dog park, defeat a bully and win the heart of the dog he loves.

8. Benji (2018)

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Benji is the story of an orphaned puppy that befriends two children and helps them escape when they are kidnapped by sketchy criminals. The movie is a reboot of a 1974 movie of the same name. It is touching, inspiring and heart-warming.

9. Lassie (1994)

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Heartwarming, inspiring and full of fun family adventures, Lassie is the story of a young boy who feels lost and alone after his family relocates. But with the help of a stray Collie dog named Lassie, he learns to adjust to his new environment.


10. Marley & Me (2008)

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Newlyweds John and Jenny adopt a Labrador retriever puppy to test their readiness to have a family however it seems Marley (the dog) is more than what they bargained for. If you are a dog lover then you should definitely not miss out on this movie as it promises a lot of funny, heartwarming and tear jerking moments.


Wow, what a list of amazing movies! If you have any recommendations that are not mentioned in this list, please let us know in the comment box and we’ll update the list.


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