Elephant Collaring Adventure!

Elephants? Yes you read right! Elephants besides being one of the highly threatened species, are also ones that need protection and control so that we humans can have a mutual existence without destroying each other.

Collaring is very important, in game reserves and even in monitored wild habitats to help track their movement, behavior and help collect data that would be useful for wildlife experts and conservationists. In places where elephants roam close to farms and establishments, these collars help to monitor the huge giants and track them down before they would destroy farms, conserved areas and other property.

This collaring activity in many places has become a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people book and fly many miles across states and countries to witness, and have the chance to touch an elephant!

At &Beyond Phinda private Game reserve they described their collaring adventure!

&BEYOND Phinda Private Game Reserve is committed to ensuring the survival of Africa’s elephant herds. Seven elephant herds on the reserve have been collared to assist with monitoring and tracking their movements. From time to time, one of the elephant collars utilised
in this research will be in need of replacing and we invite groups of up to eight guests each (sharing one vehicle) to participate in this
extraordinary experience. Guests will play an active role in the day’s adventure. As the veterinary team flies overhead in a helicopter in
search of the elephant, guests will follow in hot pursuit with an expert ranger in an open 4×4 safari vehicle. Once the animal is located and
darted, the helicopter will land, and guests will have the never-to be-repeated opportunity to touch the anaesthetised elephant as they
change its collar (andbeyond.com)


Check this Instagram update by natgeowild to see more details and pictures of elephant collaring!



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