Animals just like humans tend to leave lasting impressions on us. Some of you probably still remember that dog you had when you were five or that cute stray cat that lived at the back of your house which your mum did not like but you secretly passed it food from time to time.

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From man’s best friend, the dog to cats and birds, everyone who has had a pet has a story they have about their beloved companions, stories they hold dear to their hearts and even those who have not had pets have a story or two about their encounters with animals. I got interested in learning about people’s animal stories after I read a story a couple of years ago on NBC news website. I actually saw something about it on social media and decided to check it out. It was about a cat who called 911 to help his wheelchair-bound owner when he had a seizure and fell out of his wheelchair and could not reach the phone. Apparently, the cat’s owner had previously tried to teach the cat how to call 911 in case of emergencies and he did not know the training had stuck. It was not a personal experience but I found it touching and heart lifting and so I asked four people to share their most memorable pet or animal stories.

Dog saves baby from the harsh comb!

We had this dog, Fighter, when I was eight. It was around the same time my baby brother was born. Fighter was so entranced by my brother that he followed him or actually anyone who was carrying my brother (my brother was still a baby) everywhere. Now, my brother had really thick hair that was really difficult to comb and my mum used to struggle with it every time she gave him a bath. One evening, she was trying to comb his hair and my brother was not having it. He kept wailing and the Fighter who was sitting at my mother’s feet was not comfortable hearing my brother’s cries. When he could not hear my brother’s cries anymore he held my mother’s leg with his mouth until my mum stopped combing. I was extremely surprised and touched at the dog’s loyalty and love for my brother. However my mum was not so touched so sadly, we had to let go of Fighter. (Shared by Nelo)

Our dog dragged my sis down the stairs and knocked on the door!


I remember a day at home when my mum called my sister downstairs. My sister who was still little was trying to get down the stairs, so the dog we had then held her by her cloth, took her downstairs (like the above gif)

and kind of knocked on the door of the kitchen to alert my mum. (Shared by precious)


The parrot called my name!

My memorable animal experience was with a parrot. It wasn’t mine, it was my uncle’s. We had traveled home to celebrate the Christmas season with relatives and we went to see my uncle who had a farm. Immediately I set eyes on him (the parrot), I squealed a little. I had only seen parrots in a book and that was my first time seeing one in real life. My uncle laughed and asked me to go closer, so I went closer and he squawked my name (I guess he must have picked it up from my uncle). I was so excited, a real life parrot squawking my name. So I went back the next day and the day after that. Sadly Jack (that was the parrot’s name) died before the next Christmas season and I did not see him when I went back the next year. (Shared by Marylin)


Florence the dove became my room mate!

I have had a memorable experience with a dove. I once caught a dove and after the initial struggle to escape, it settled down. Initially I clipped the wings but normally with birds, the wings would start to grow back after some time. I expected the dove to escape when the wings grew back but she stayed. Every morning before I woke up, Florence (that was what I named her) would be waiting by my window and when I opened the window she would fly out and stay around the compound. She would never let anyone apart from me come close to her. Every evening, Florence would wait by my door and when I opened it she would enter my room. Whenever I was going out, I would put her on my shoulder and we would go out together. We had this deep connection between us and I never knew before I had Florence as a pet that birds could understand and relate with people. I believe when animals are not threatened and they can trust you they let down their guard and you can bond deeply with them. (Shared by Isaac, author of My loyal dogs)


Other amazing pets human encounters

Dancing and talking parrots

Parrots have for long been adored for their abilities to pull amazing stunts that people hardly imagine that they have the brain capacity to.

Dancing parrots



Parrot falls in love with little baby


Wild bird follows rescuer across the country!


Squirrel and her human best friend


most amazing human relationships with wild animals



Have you had any memorable encounter with your pets or wild animals? share with us in the comment sections, or visit the site on a DESKTOP/PC to sign up for a free publisher account, to easily share your nature stories and have them published on the site. Do have a pleasant week.


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